Suspend reboots occasionally with kernel 6 and above

What the title says. Kernels 5.X are stable. Any kernel 6.X fails after 6 or 7 suspends which cause a reboot.

I see nothing on the journal or logs that indicate a clue of what is going on.

If it’s a kernel panic: why does it reboot? Is there a way to prevent the reboot so, at least, I can see a clue of what is going on.

Not being able to upgrade the kernel sucks.

Maybe updating the UEFI/BIOS solves the problem? Suspend is usually depended on firmware.

Thanks, I already did that and I am at the latest version (it is a Dell Inspiron from 2017).
While BIOS might be the culprit there’s something going on with the kernel because 5.15.X works perfectly everytime while 6.X kernels reboots randomly after 6 o 7 suspend cycles (and it is NOT a clean reboot).

What kills me is that I can’t find anywhere to grip off: no error messages, no clues of any type of what is going on.

Looks like this:
Intermittent freezes at suspend with kernel 6.1 and later - #3 by sergio .
System freezes while trying to sleep (Page 4) / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux Forums .
Check if you can disable PTT (Intel Platform Trust Technology) and/or TPM (Trusted Platform Module) in UEFI.

Thank you. You might be right. I hadn’t found this thread before and seems very similar to what happens to me.

I read the whole thing and related links.

It seems they point to the TPM module as the culprit. However nothing conclusing yet.