Suspend hangs when connected to a thermaltake level 20 gt keyboard

Following this thread: Suspend hangs when connected to a specific usb keyboard
Unfortunately, I need to re-open the issue, as it has reappeared. I have success in disabling the usb device from waking up by utilizing /proc/acpi/wakeup(refer to:, but that is a temporary solution. Within the arch-article, there’s a link to arch forum, where there’s an automation that re-adds those at startup(systemd service) and also a bash script, neither of which conforms to my expectations to be able to do this with a config file. The good news is that I have more control of what my linux system is trying to do…

Edit: a side question - why couldn’t I re-open or even add responses to my old topic? I find it so hard to get used to those new forum interfaces and they seem to prove not functional enough…

This is why… :arrow_down:

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So, now there will be two threads for the same issue.
I have some progress, though.
I tried disabling all suspicious usb devices from waking up trough udev config(adding a .rule entry in this directory /etc/udev/rules.d/, refer to: It had partial success. Then I realized there were two hub-entries there. This is the hub I am using and the one integrated into the keyboard, which was supposed to route through the separate cable. Then I went pluging in my phone in there and after a couple of restarts, it stopped hanging. Finally, I re-plugged the keyboard into its own hub, which proved to work ok, since I can still use it for input. The side effect is, that it gets tricked that there is something connected to its hub. I’ll be monitoring it some time (preferably a fortnight ahead) and report back whether I’ve achieved a permanent fix. The sad news is that this keyboard does not quite route its hub separately, despite the thick cable, which is annoying on its own. I planned trimming the hub out anyway, so it may get a “surgery” some time soon. At least I have an idea what to expect when/if I have the hub removed. I hope it does not fall into disturbing my suspend again…