Surge XT synth DEB file

Good day everyone . I am a musician looking to install the excellent Surge XT synthesizer ( Sorry cant post a link yet )

There is however only a .deb file and I have seen dire warnings , both here and around the web about installing these . I have spent a few days getting this music PC exactly as I want it so I am not inclined to break it now :slight_smile:

I have the AUR working and octopi installed and cannot see Surge XT as yet . Is this likely to be added?

Many thanks

It is available in the community reposistory:

sudo pacman -S surge
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It’s in the Manjaro repo. :wink: :arrow_down:

pamac install surge

… or… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S surge
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ishaan , Aragorn , thanks for getting back so quickly that is Surge 1.9 which I already have :grinning:

Surge XT is the teams latest and greatest completely rebuilt with new features .

Its a bit of a mystery that they didn’t rename it as something else its completely new .


serge package was marked out-of-date on 2022-01-19:

Well, what you could do ─ but this is entirely on your hands, and Manjaro will assume no responsibility if it breaks your system ─ is install debtap from the AUR and use that for converting the .deb file into an ALPM-compatible package that you can then install with pacman.


pamac build debtap

I’ve never used it, but I suppose its usage will be something along the lines of… :arrow_down:

debtap name-of-package.deb

… and then followed by… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -U name-of-package.tar.zst

Be sure to check out first if the script has any options. :arrow_down:

debtap --help

There’s a FAQ on their development site. :arrow_down:

Thank you both again . I will wait a bit , its only just been released . I had already looked at debtap and decided that it was very much a dirty “last resort”


I have now installed this from octopi . Many thanks for your kind assistance .

What did you install with Octopi?

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