Support Package creation

Round about 2 weeks I got a notification in KeepassXC, that a new version is available.
But in the PackageManager (I do use KDE as WM) there isn’t any update for it.

Same for linphone for round about 4 Days.

So I wonder how does those packages provided by the community, and how I can support the community with helping to bundle some package.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Switch to unstable or testing branch to get the latest package versions.

This also provides an opportunity to report any bugs when the packages are synced to a Manjaro system.

Hi @rethus,

Keepass XC is from the community repository, so It’ll get updated probably when everything else is updated. Alternatively, there is an .AppImage for it, if you really can’t wait.

Aa for linphone, well, that’s only available in the AUR, so you’ll have to contact the package manager there, or flag it as out-of-date.

Hope this helps, although I doubt it.


Oh, just saw on the Linphone website that there’s an .AppImage for it as well.

Ok, nice, thanks @Mirdarthos @linux-aarhus

Auto-type is broken with version 2.7.0, but is fixed upstream in 2.7.1.

If you need auto-type to work now (with 2.7.0), you can do the following:

Tools → Settings → General → Auto-Type → uncheck “Always ask before performing Auto-Type”