Support Forum questions and how to ask them

Hi, I’m new to Manjaro and my general Linux knowledge is somewhat outdated. I posted a question in the support forum about GNOME crashing in power saving mode, got a reply due to missing information which has been closed after correcting my post. What did I do wrong that it was closed without further notice? I didn’t give incomplete information on purpose but because the forum did not allow me to paste it until a few hours have passed.

There is actually a bug (misconfiguration) and many topics autoclose 3 hours after a clicked solution. But who clicked that “solution” i do not know. Probably someone by mistake because it makes no sense. Read the guide how to ask and how to provide sysinfoband about formatting a post with logs and post a new. That is what i think but i am not a mod.

There does not appear to be any reason why your topic has been closed so I have re-opened it

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