Support for vim3

Hi Support team,

We are Evaluating Khadas VIM3L and VIM3-Pro board for our use case as below.

(1) We will develop the WebRTC based video chat application that can run either in a browser or run in our own UI application.

(2) We are planning to use a Kodi media player (IR-based controlling) to play our locally stored video (1080p 30 fps).

(3) We also want to develop our BLE devices manager to communicate with BLE end devices and send the BLE device data to the WebRTC data channel.

Actually, we are evaluating these boards for the last 1 month and tried different types of OS supported by Khadas as Ubuntu 20.04 Os (kernel 4.9), Ubuntu 20.04 Os (mainline Linux 5.16) Wayland display, Android Pie Os, Manjaro KDE Plasma Os Wayland display. The conclusion is as below.

Ubuntu 20.04 Os (kernel 4.9): WebRTC application with a browser having lagging, Kodi player works well, BLE Works well.

Ubuntu 20.04 Os (mainline Linux 5.16) Wayland display: WebRTC application with browser works well, Kodi is not available, BLE works well.

Android Pie Os: WebRTC application with browser works well, Kodi is available, BLE works well

Manjaro KDE Plasma Os Wayland display: WebRTC application with browser works well, BLE is not stable.

Kindly suggest which OS is suitable for our use case and also consider the below points.

→ OS should be open source and customizable

→ OS must be stable and optimistic.

→ Os should support by default Kodi or other IR-based applications by default and BLE.
→ Lightweight and good Performance

Please find the below observations with VIM3 Pro board and confirm from your side.

  1. For webRTC, we are getting good Performance on Khadas VIM3-Pro board using Manjaro KDE Plasma and Ubuntu 20.04 (Mainline Linux 5.16) using Wayland sessions. but still, CPU use goes to 54. We are suspecting these OS are using software decoder/encoder instead of Hardware decoder/encoder. Please confirm.
  2. Kodi in Ubuntu 20.04 Os (kernel 4.9) use a hardware encoder/decoder. Please confirm
  3. None of the mainline Linux kernel Khadas VIM3/VIM3L OS support the hardware encoder/decoder. Please confirm
  4. For our use case VIM3L board does not suitable due to hardware resource constraints. Please confirm