Support for Orange Pi 5

Hello guys.

When will we have support for Oragen Pi 5?

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Likely when rk3588 is actually supported in the mainline kernel.


Is there any prediction for this to happen?

Work is ongoing. 6.2 seems to have preliminary support, like clocks and gpios, I believe, but there is no DTS’s yet.

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How can there be ubuntu and debian distributions for the orange pi 5 already then?

Because they base on BSP, not mainline. BSP is basically vendor software, usually based on old LTS kernels and has been available since the release of the boards.

Now the process of getting proper support done is ongoing. Because code implemented by the vendors in the BSP stuff is often so crap it would get rejected by the kernel developers as soon as it was submitted. So lots of the development time is actually rewriting everything. Drivers and device trees alike.


I will be putting some time to get Manjaro Arm working on OPI5 using BSP uboot and BSP Kernel.

I am not sure how long it will take and how well it will work, but looking at the mainline kernel development I will expect it to be upstream in a year or 2 :wink:


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