Support for Orange Pi 4

Hi. I saw that someone asking there for adding support for some SBC, yesterday I found that Manjaro supports some ARM boards, also Orange Pi boards. I’ve tried to install and boot from SD image from similar board (Orange Pi 4 LTS). It so beautiful, work smooth and fast(but speed limited with speed of SD card, I’m interested to install it on SSD, but reading ways to install it on partition, not to the whole disk). Works very good! But boards a bit different, and some devices not working(can’t detect usb 3.0 ports - USB A, which I also need for booting from SSD, and type-c port, and at now wifi and bluetooth not working because of different chips).
I’m interested in adding support and want help with all that I can do for this. It is possible? Which information I also need to publish? Thanks in advance.

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Nice to read you, find below a powerfull Manjaro arm link
I’m not dev but I can provide you some info, Enjoy !

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Hmm … maybe I didn’t see something and did not understand, I read this and other articles on the Internet repeatedly, throughout this time that I did not write here, but personally this article did not give me any useful information. At the moment, I am studying the issue of compiling drivers for wireless communication, and for USB 3.0 ports. Because the author of this board has the source code of its own Kernel, where there are drivers I need. But the main reason for which I left the official version is the performance problems associated with the CPU and the GPU, and their software part. On Manjaro, I am observing the minimum heating, which I once saw on this board and the fastest and most stable work, as well as support for working with the GPU, OpenGL (it turned out to be important for me), …

My current problem is that most likely the necessary drivers are made under the core 5.* (officially provided) when Manjaro is already actively using the kernel 6.*, or I do not know how to collect them, I also do not deny this either. C++ I do not own, and unfortunately I can not correct the code.

A difficult case :sweat_smile:
But thanks for very fast answer!

Regarding usb3 and usbc I will check if there is any driver update.

Hopefully it should be available.

I can only lol into it after the new years.


Thank you very much! I’ll wait for updates, Happy New Year!

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Hi. I’m sorry to ping you. Do you have some news? How soon it will be possible to test drivers? Thanks in advance.

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