Support for Acer Nitro V 15 Shale Black

hi, is this notebook ok for manjaro gnome pls?

Acer isn’t a good choice. if you’re planning to buy this for linux then think twice because there are a way better ones. if you still owe it then give it a try with linux but don’t be surprised if you get problems.
you can boot into a live session and check if there are problems or if it’s running

Please see Hardware for compatible devices

You can also see

cool thanks both. what are better options then? just lenovo thinkpad?

it look like this was never tried with Manjaro. There is not many compatible.devices if i am looking correctly…

it’s strict against the forum-rules to give dedicated product-promotions.
linux is a way more efficient than ms-windows and runs very good even if the hardware is a little bit older. if you buy hardware that is sold longer than 6 months on the market then there is a good chance that it is supported. you should prevent to buy the hottest stuff that is sold for just some days or weeks.

In general terms
Always be careful with the latest and greatest - not always good Linux support.

Unless you have compelling reasons and ready for the intricacies - don’t pick a dual-gpu that is with Nvidia - pick an Intel based laptop e.g. Intel Iris - AMD APU e.g. Ryzen7 7840HS.

There is a lot of compatible devices - those on the hardware page is devices which are tested and sold by partners supporting Manjaro.

Lenovo Thinkpad is a good choice - I have had a lot of different Thinkpads over the years - some of them may be quirky - see Laptop - ArchWiki if in doubt of Manjaro support.

Do your research - we will not provide you with brand and model - keywords like the brandname modelname linux support often reveals a lot about the intended device Manjaro capabilities.

I have a Tuxedo InfinitiBook Pro 14 (no nvidia) and a Clevo N141WU - both working flawless with Linux.

There is several vendors selling hardware with Linux preloaded - Tuxedo, Dell, Lenovo, System76 - just to name a few.

Check the system’s hardware components - search for Linux compatibility - make your own informed decision - that way you only have yourself to blame if it was a bad batch you bought from.

sure, thanks!