Superbar broken?

Since last week my superbar isn’t working as it should
I cannot slect wifi networks and neither can access bluetooth and volume control
Is the a command that reinstalls the bar? I cannot reinstall the os as I use it for work purposes.

what you see in the pic is just wifi signal

superbar? sounds like an AUR PKGBUILD - if it is then rebuilding would suffice

pamac build superbar

target not found: superbar

Then what is your environment, where did you get it and how did you install it?

I have xfce, manjaro 20.1

I have no idea what that superbar is - it must be something you installed.

It’s the bar that is default installed on the bottom of the screen where you find menu, apps, etc.
I call it superbar because I come from windows


The bottom panel contains several application launchers and a clock. You can right-click on any panel item to get a menu that allows you to change its properties, add or remove new items or to change the properties of the panel itself.

On Linux, it’s called a panel.

It’s only called a “superbar” in Windows 7, even then I never hear anyone use that term. Every other version is called a Task Bar.

so… how do I rebuild my broken panel