Suggestions on words filtered

The word G o d is filtered

While the word Devil does not.

I suggest that you allow both.
This is a technical forum, it was suggested to me, I agree.
But he always makes references or quotes from other publications. Eg the current codename of Manjaro.

The filtering of the word G O D obeys a position of how it should be expressed. And I think it is incorrectly forbidden.

I agree that the religious posts be controlled.
But do not leave without words to express yourself. And I think the community, in that sense, has no problems.


I second this… simply because i just noticed you cannot even say dependency h-ell.

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Words can be used in vain too … Added the mentioned word too to the list.

Dog spelled backwards, religion, church, etc… all should be filtered on a tech forum. As for dependencyhell run it together like I just did.

That… just looks wrong. Also we should not have to work around filtering with longstanding phrases.


May look wrong but works, but I do agree with you on not having to work around long standing phrases.

I accept the rules. Because a community must have rules, for proper operation.

But let me disagree with these filtering rules. The rationale is beyond the purpose of this forum, and it would be very long.

I just wanted to express it.
You can close the thread, my suggestion has already been resolved.

Thanks @bogdancovaciu


I am not sure if filtered words are the best way to restrict wording. At least it’s not very educating (except from: “HEY, DON’T DO THAT!”).

There should at least be some form of reasoning supplied somewhere for what reason certain words are restricted. Or is there actually a list of filtered words somewhere?

I personally find it kind of frustrating to find some of my words filtered away after posting without knowing why and then I have to find a way around that. For really offensive stuff flagging works much better. But maybe then it’s already too late?


Personally I wouldn’t filter quite so many words. I see no harm in using the words God or devil, as long as we don’t get into religious debates. Though I can’t think of any reason I would use them here. But, this is a multicultural community, so they might be offensive to someone else? I dunno. I guess I’m just desensitized to them as a pastor.

Instead of filtering words, I think moderating the conversation and topics is better. It is of course a lot more work.


I think that only words which are offensive per se should be filtered. Otherwise there are moderators who can be called by flagging the post.


Banning all religious words/phrases on a Linux forum? This is a cult after all :wink: Also the meaning of words depends heavily on context. We must also keep in mind the fact that those posting are not all native-english speakers so they can have problems with translation of what they want to say to english, and then there’s spelling.

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I wouldn’t filter any word actually. It’s a moderated forum and if someone is making a stupid post it should be deleted (in the worst case, ban the user).

It does not really make a lot of sense anyways. If people want to use those filtered words they would just put whitespaces between the chars… (As we can see above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Are we really talking about this?? If this forum is filtering words, please confirm it, because I left it right now. I usually accept rules but no censors.

As you can see from the conversation above, some words are automatically blanked by the software. It has been like that for years now, it’s just rarely seen because people rarely use those words here in the first place.

I didn’t know that and don’t like it. Can I see somewhere what words are?


Please, forgive my boldness.

It may be better to show the first letter of each “forbidden” word, or better to rewrite it with hyphens, for example:

  • G.od - G-d (God) - no sample here
  • - d–il (devil) - The FreeBSD devil mascot is cute and Manjaro needs a mascot.
  • If we talk about pets, the FreeBSD devil/d–il is forbidden?
  • Black - B-lack (really, hope this not) “My screen goes black with this update”

Excuse me, for putting up the following list, I’m curious to see if I can find some.

  • c.nt p.nis s.x woman men p.op cr.p t.ts windows Bill Gates winbugs systemd nethserver Trump Biden Hellary Hillary Clinton USA EUA EEUU Soros Freedom Democracy D!ck Tracy
  • hombre mujer s.xo v.lva v.gina mi.rda t.tas

None of the above self-censoring ones with a dot are filtered here.
But D!ck is forbiden! and is short for Richard!

Of course, some words, I suspect, would have no use in this forum; the only case is to make the above list. And I find it very difficult to control so many words; but well, rules are rules.

Mr. E

I’m a ordinary little beach.

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I agree more with blocking brick (something that is tech related that is constantly abused) than I am with many of the ones listed here such as he11 (generic, can be tech oriented, never seen it abused here).
Really - using a pseudo-religious scramble of words or even the definition as per a relgious perspective is more problematic than that generic term itself … ie “pit of eternal judgement” or “sinful damnation” etc.
What about “bible” or “angel” or maybe “Paul”, “Luke”, and “John” ? … “daemon” ?
Its silly to try and censor every lexicographic instance that has some perceived relation to a ‘taboo’ subject.
Instead we should be responding to content … not just words themselves.


I agree. Totally.

My suggestion was to rethink the cured words.
My two suggested words suggested a contradiction.
There should be no censored words (except words- insults)

  1. Library for reading several different image formats
  2. Utility for simplifying the Git usage
  3. Mikah

It seems this is getting into something else, and looks already derailed. There is no point anymore for any word filter, as exemplified also above, there are workarounds and people need to feel free to write.
No more censored words!