Suggestion to remove Plymouth from ISO

I have a suggestion for the development team to consider: just remove the whole thing by default. It is just 3 dots for the user, but so much more complication behind the scenes, and can sometimes get problematic. Just make the boot nonsilent instead. Like it was for every linux distro for about a decade before the fancy graphics were invented.
At least when users post on the forum, they will not ask “i am stuck on the 3 dots” but “i am stuck on the moving wall of text” an one can at least ask what is the last line, are there some red ERROR or a moving red asterisk :slight_smile:


I think it’s more problematic for those trying to help:

Person: ‘Halp! My Manjaro thingy is stucked on 3 dots!’
Helper: ‘Do you see any errors when you press ESC?’
Person: ‘What?’

I recall seeing other boot screens from time to time, but clearly, they failed to make much of an impression, as I don’t recall any of the project names. One of the key factors is how well a boot screen package would function with GRUB; I suppose, Plymouth at least has the advantage of having filled the need for all these years. What would replace it? Does it even need replacing? A nice font and perhaps a few other tweaks would probably make the scroll of text attractive enough for my liking, without needing to hide it

I too would not be overly saddened if Plymouth were to abruptly fall by the wayside.

Just my 2.5 cents. Cheers.

well, it was removed some years ego but he came back again… like a zombie :cold_face:

…or a bad smell.

I prefer seeing the text; but then, I’d also prefer guaranteed higher resolutions during boot to help make the experience better for tired eyes.

I suppose that’s unlikely. :smile:

Its not a dichotomy though.
You can have no plymouth and no text.
(it can actually be a bottleneck for boot speed if things are quick enough).