Suggestion/Request: Include a precompiled Fastfetch install in "regular repos"

I’ve been enjoying fastfetch over neofetch when showing off my system info on Reddit, etc on various systems. It displays additional “stuff” over Neofetch (photo attached).

(Yeah I enjoy it enough to finally stop lurking and to create an account to discuss :slight_smile: )

(It is written in C as well)

Additional info:

  • Packages: shows branch (stable, unstable, testing)
  • Resolution: shows refresh rate
  • DE: displays full point release
  • WM: shows X11 vs Wayland
  • Theme: Includes GTK4 theme info
  • Icons: Includes GTK4 icon info
  • Font: not included in neofetch
  • Cursor: not included in neofetch
  • Terminal Font: (formatted more cleanly)
  • GPU: shows actual GPU instead of vendor. Shows secondary GPU (if available)
  • RAM/Memory: shows percentage utilized
  • Disk: not available in neofetch; shows utilization and percent
  • Battery: not available in neofetch; shows remaining charge
  • Locale: not available in neofetch

This is where I tried to embed the photo with the tools on this forum. I can’t. I then uploaded to imgur via the screenshot upload utility. Apparently I can’t include that link either. You can find the link at i dot imgur dot com slash tOZfsVR.png All links at own risk of course… but… its literally imgur

As you can see by the feature comparison listed and displayed: Fastfetch is a comprehensive system display tool which serves the purpose of listing the majority of system information needed when either troubleshooting an issue or when showing off a “rice” of a system.

It is written in pure C, though for such a small utility the speed concern does not seem to be huge (though on the Pinephone it is definitely a noticeable difference).

While using Fastfetch on systems after configuring and benchmarking with Phoronix’s benchmarking tools, I am able to include a screenshot of fastfetch instead of needing to use a combo of neofetch and inxi.

It can prove to be a more detailed replacement for neofetch, a tool to use to supplant inxi + neofetch, or yet another visual tool with more info to use in addition to inxi, lshw, or your other favorite system information display utilities.

TL;DR: Has lotsa cool info and is zippy-zoom-diddly-splendid!

The AUR package is done by @Yochanan - out team member and community manager. He might have reasons why he did not included it already in the repos, so is fine if you build it via his package …

see with inxi -Fza ( or inxi -Full -v8 )

Thanks! I have already built it via the AUR, where I’ve also tried build it on Manjaro32-Mogrified-Arch32 (was unsuccessful) but also installed it on Arch proper in a VM.

So I’m guessing it is in the AUR so that it can be installed everywhere, rather than just Manjaro?

I guess my request was for it to be more “mainstream” as its a lot cleaner than neofetch, but the aur is easy enough. I suppose anyone wanting neofetch would be willing to take the extra step to get fastfetch.