Suggestion: replace pipewire-media-session with wireplumber for manjaro-pipewire

Pipewire has two session managers that we can use: pipewire-media-session and wireplumber. Both are available in manjaro repositories, but pipewire-media-session is installed by default when you install manjaro-pipewire. I think this should be theother way around. I have been playing with both and found wireplumber to be the better of the two (more stable and less bugs).

Is there a reason why manjaro-pipewire defaults to pipewire-media-session? If not, I think we should default to wireplumber instead.

manjaro-pipewire already depends on pipewire-session-manager. Both pipewire-media-session and wireplumber provide pipewire-session-manager, so either can be chosen.

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I was using wireplumber for a few months until I noticed in my journal how many core dumps it had. I switched to pipewire-media-session. It has no core dumps and noticably less latency on Bluetooth headphones.

pipewire-session-manager does seem to be less focused on, with wireplumber being its replacement at some point. Also, the latter is recommended in PipeWire Media Session wiki. It’s only maintained for basic functionality, I guess. Or that it “works”, in other words.

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