Suggestion: less drastic exclusion of x32 ABI binaries

For some time, Manjaro supported x32 binaries, but then it was removed completely by dropping the following kernel config line: CONFIG_X86_X32=y

For some applications (typically: pointer and garbage collection intensive), x32 reduces runtime significantly (e.g. by 20 %) and hence resources. Therefore, I would like to recommend the Debian approach. They add the above config line, but disable x32-use with CONFIG_X86_X32_DISABLED=y (probably to reduce complexity for security purposes). Users that rely on x32 binaries can just add syscall.x32=y on GRUB’s cmdline and use their x32 binaries again.

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To be honest, I agree that it is because the X32 ABI lacks compiled binaries and probably no container images are available.

But the relevant binaries might come from other Linux distributions (statically linked). You could use them with the suggested small change.

I found a workaround for some use cases. I installed the Liquorix kernel (see under Manjaro. This kernel supports x32 binaries - and reduces our energy bill as needed.