Suggestion about AUR and PAMAC

wouldn’t it be a good idea to take AUR out of
pamac, so AUR packages still it could be managed by
terminal AUR helpers.
manjaro is a great distro and provides plenty of software for
any thinkable general use case, be it through the own repo
or flatpak or even snap ( who ever might need that one ).

So the normal user hardly needs AUR, the power user does not need
pamac to manage AUR packages.
So this woul be the proposal, am I wrong with it ?

It’s disabled by default.

The informed user can then decide if they want to use AUR with pamac or another helper. (Or go full stone-age with a manual makepkg :wink: )


okay, … many users are not that informed :slight_smile:

Sorry, you did some survey on that?

Based on this:

and this

people are using AUR more than anybody expected …


With all due respect, it’s not the responsibility of someone else to make you read the information that’s already there.

And it’s there, if you care to read a bit.

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it makes sense to me, … but it is not my responsibility, and I also it is just a hint to a solution.
So I rest it just here, do not want to argue on it any further, just wanted to put it in here … an I did not ment take out of Manjaro, I just ment Pamac not Manjaro

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Yea cause cause regardless of the screaming not to use it, even by staff and Devs here there is plenty in it that cannot be gotten any other way. I truly hate building packages, but if I want a particular program I may not have a choice.


Caveman, reporting! :wink:

I don’t think taking AUR out of Pamac would matter much. In a sense that doing so is worth it.

you can go with yay or whatever terminal AUR helper

Why in the world would any sane person take extra steps they don’t need to? I myself have AUR enabled, and the way Manjaro has it to not search the AUR unless you expressly click on it on the left side is great. I personally install Topgrade so EVERYTHING is updated in one go. I use Pamac to checkup dates when informed I have them, then I open Konsole and run Topgrade to do the update.

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my knowledge was, that Pamac searches on every key stroke, I have to check again…

not since few months
and pamac now not use rpc, so is not a problem if pamac “searches on every key stroke” : search is in local database


fixed title typo

CLI pamac serves as our AUR helper (it’s not just a GUI). It’s part of our automation.

Pretty much a normal Linux user and required to use the AUR from day one. The user/community packages, no matter what distro, always have an element of uncertainty surrounding them, but used with discretion they can really be a positive in one’s Linux life and solve real problems efficiently. Aways read the PKGBUILD. Not everyone uses flatpaks or snap.

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There’s just far too many packages for them all to be in the official repos so the aur is a really useful resource. Even official manjaro team members maintain several packages in the aur rather than in the official repos. That being said the aur should still be used responsibly

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Lol… I did a search. The problem was for months? Incredibly, not that it happened once, but for months.

(It is understandable that the arch people hate us.)

See gitlab at Manjaro for some real information. :thread:


Past time this thread get locked.


I am not a fan of the auto-completion in pamac-manager GUI . Typing in the search box is lacking the usual Xfce responsiveness so I would like an option to turn it off. But I only use pamac-manager occasionally to update repository packages so it is not a major issue

pamac in CLI did not have problems with AUR and has always worked well for me

the aur should still be used responsibly

And responsibility is accepted by pressing Y to build package

Manjaro maintains the pamac and pamac-manager portals to AUR
but once you step through the looking glass into wonderland…

Welsh proverb - nid aur yw popeth melyn

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