"Suggested Topics" at the bottom is a little off

As the title says, the “Suggested Topics” at the bottom are a little bit off/weird.

See this screenshot taken after reading to the bottom of K3b can’t burm ISO image

  1. They are all only from the #desktop-environments:Plasma category.
  2. The 3 top ones have already been completly read by me and even visited in this session.
  3. The suggested topics are all rather old. (All but one, and that one is shown last.)
  4. There are unread topics even in that #desktop-environments:Plasma category available - why aren’t those suggested?
  5. There are watched/tracked topics with new replies available - why aren’t those suggested?
  6. There are new or recently replied-to topics from other categories available - why aren’t those suggested?

The most unnerving thing is probably the restriction to the same category. I’ve often used suggested topics on the old forum, but here it’s almost useless.

If you want to get some traction on this, better go to https://www.discourse.org/ register there and mention it straight to the devs as the Manjaro forums use Discourse.

(They’re a very small team and somewhat¹ friendly)

Note 1: They take their own product very seriously and have no sense of humour, so no jokes or light-:heart: chatter about their product… :grin:

I was under the impression that this has to be a configuration thing, because I grew accustomed to using suggested topics on the previous forum - which had much better suggestiion diversity from all over the place and chose more current topics as well…

We’re on the newest version now, because the old forum did a better job of showing :+1: :sob: :rofl: in the dark theme, so I’m suspecting some new bugs in this one.


We don’t have enough content yet for the suggestions to become relevant and it always shows 5 even when they’re not very relevant. Five suggestions you will see! No more. No less. Five shalt be the number thou shalt have and the number of the counting shall be five. Six shalt thou not count, nor either count thou four, excepting that thou then proceed to five. Seven is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then, you shall have the suggestions you don’t want.


This is a discourse issue open one there.

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