"sudo timeshift --restore" failed

I had a bad update and tried to restore one of my snapshots. Before I’m given an option to select one I receive this error:

“timeshift: error while loading shared libraries: libffi.so.8”

What does this mean? Was it interrupted or?..

This comes from package libffi (and lib32-libffi) … and would denote something wrong with your packages/system.

The update was completed. Other than some conflicting dependencies I thought I could work out later.

I locked my screen and it gave me message, but I was too tired to remember it word for word. It said the login screen was not available and told me to use ctrl alt f2 to use tty.

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Initial inability to unlock the Simple Desktop Display Manager has occurred to me frequently. The sole method of remediation of that problem for me has been installation of Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop Edition via the Rawhide version of the installer that is for Fedora Server. Consequently, utilisation of software that is more new may assist you.