Sudo pacman -Syu


I saw that thread about that command is bad:


is that right or i have to use another commands to have system full checked updates & upgraded?

Uh… your link says sudo pacman -Syuu is bad, not sudo pacman -Syu.

sudo pacman -Syuu downgrades your packages, mainly useful if you’re swapping branches.

Guess I should also explain why it’s bad, for when you don’t swap branches. It’s bad in general use for updating packages because you might be synced to an outdated mirror in your branch, and accidentally downgrade all of your packages.

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I am use sudo pacman -Syu hope i am not messing up something. ty

That works perfectly fine. I personally use:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 0 && sudo pacman -Syyu

It ranks all of my mirrors by speed, then syncs, refreshes, and updates.

Also, I only allow mine to scan United States mirrors to make pacman-mirrors -f 0 faster, since I am located here. Only need to use this once. There are other country options as well.

sudo pacman-mirrors --country United_States --protocol https

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thanks for commands will save them.

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