Suddenly my WiFi network is not getting detected - but WiFi of my neighbours are still shown

Hi everyone,

I have Manjaro KDE on a Dell Inspiron with Broadcom WiFi.

The laptop suddenly stopped detecting my home WiFi yesterday. But it is still detecting the WiFi networks of my neighbours. My home WiFi is working - I am able to continue connecting to it from my phone and browse.

When I make a hotspot on my phone with mobile data, laptop detects the hotspot WiFi and connects to it. But while tethering if I connect the phone to my home WiFi, the hotspot is suddenly shown on the laptop as not detected -“The WiFi network could not be found”.

I searched in the forum and the posts I could see were describing about zero networks getting detected. But my issue is different as only my home WiFi is not getting connected. I saw a similar thread in the reddit kde community – how_do_i_fix_the_wifi_network_could_not_be_found – , but the solutions didn’t work for me. I have reinstalled the Broadcom-wl package and also tried adding the home WiFi credentials using nmtui.

I had removed older kernels couple of days ago. But the laptop was working fine after that and I don’t remember having any updates yesterday. There were a few earlier today.

Thank you for any help or advice