Suddenly half laptop runtime - battery drainage

Hi There,

I have a fairly new Lenovo T14s Gen2 with AMD gpu/cpu. I use it primarily to watch youtube - sometimes Prime or Netflix while going to sleep.
It’s my primary (maybe only) workhorse at daytime since we use mobile office now where we do not have desktop PCs anymore.

Problem is; suddenly the laptop battery runtime has halfed - I’m really out of ideas what could have caused this. This is really annoying.

I have my old T480s here which is really old in terms of IT hardware - its runtime was always a little better than the new T14s - but it’s uncomparable right now. :disappointed_relieved:

What could have caused this?


Manjaro disabled the video hardware acceleration for AMD GPU only, Fedora and SUSE too.

Install the official proprietary driver AMDGPU-PRO from AUR

  1. Install amf-amdgpu-pro
$ pamac build amf-amdgpu-pro
  1. Edit /etc/environment/ to add a line:
  1. Reboot

  2. Check ffmpeg to decode and encode any video if it works.

$ ffmpeg -i {INPUT}.mp4 -vcodec hevc_amf  {OUTPUT}.mkv

Ok thx Zesko, will try your suggestion.

I have read a little bit;
I could have never imagined, german SW distributors would bow to US software patents.
Really sad.

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