Sudden unprovoked disappearance of 4 panel icons (XFCE)

Hi there

Problem: network icon, skype icon, clipboard icon, and dropbox icon suddenly disappeared for no reason.

No tinkering with my system at all for a while now, so I was surprised yesterday when, during an online meeting, I noticed that the aforementioned icons had disappeared from the panel.

A notification of some kind did pop up during my meeting, but stupidly I dismissed it due to being in a meeting. I’m guessing it was a “failed to launch” message of some kind.

I added the “clipman” item back to the panel via the “add new items” panel menu, so I do have access to my clipboard. But the icon is different to the original clipboard icon.

Network obviously working because I’m still online, but no icon. Ditto skype - the application is running, but the regular panel icon is not there. Dropbox… I’m assuming the same as Skype, i.e. still ‘live’ but simply a missing icon.

Actions taken: Since the disappearance of the icons, I first tried rebooting the system a few times. No luck. Then I updated the system via “add/remove software”, and again no change.

Any ideas?

Hello @whazzatt :wink:

Probably because those plugins/apps uses still gtk2? Anyway… these icons must be indicators (taskbar), which needs the library libindicator.

Please check:

pamac list | grep indicator 

Probably removed by removing orphans?

Thanks @megavolt

pamac list | grep indicator 
Failed to query[]=celt&arg[]=ceph-libs&arg[]=droidcam&arg[]=dropbox&arg[]=galculator-gtk2&arg[]=gcolor2&arg[]=gconf&arg[]=gnome-icon-theme&arg[]=gnome-icon-theme-symbolic&arg[]=ipw2100-fw&arg[]=ipw2200-fw&arg[]=kvantum-theme-matchama&arg[]=libguess&arg[]=libopenaptx&arg[]=linux513&arg[]=linux514&arg[]=linux59&arg[]=local-by-flywheel-bin&arg[]=manjaro-documentation-en&arg[]=manjaro-firmware&arg[]=metis&arg[]=mp3tag&arg[]=ncurses5-compat-libs&arg[]=orage&arg[]=pdfsam-legacy&arg[]=python-pep517&arg[]=python-progress&arg[]=python2&arg[]=qpdfview&arg[]=qt5-styleplugins&arg[]=qt5-webkit&arg[]=sejda-desktop&arg[]=stellarium&arg[]=sweethome3d-3dmodels-blendswap-cc0&arg[]=sweethome3d-3dmodels-blendswap-ccby&arg[]=sweethome3d-3dmodels-contributions&arg[]=sweethome3d-3dmodels-katorlegaz&arg[]=sweethome3d-3dmodels-lucapresidente&arg[]=sweethome3d-3dmodels-reallusion&arg[]=sweethome3d-3dmodels-scopia&arg[]=sweethome3d-3dmodels-trees&arg[]=sweethome3d-furniture-library&arg[]=sweethome3d-textures-contributions&arg[]=sweethome3d-textures-scopia&arg[]=systemd-fsck-silent&arg[]=teams&arg[]=v4l2loopback-dc-dkms&arg[]=xfce4-places-plugin&arg[]=zoom from AUR: Socket I/O timed out
libappindicator-gtk3                12.10.0.r298-1                community  355.2 kB
libindicator-gtk3                   12.10.1-10                    community  99.6 kB

The icons disappeared yesterday mid-Skype-meeting. I have not changed the system in any way since the previous system update of several weeks ago.

Really, I have no clue why it could disappear, since I am not using XFCE, but could it be that the “indicator item” on the panel is not there? Maybe re-add it or restart the session?

Also Id like to see/suggest sorting mirrors and running an update just to see if it reports anything except ‘nothing to do’

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syu

Edit. No need I guess :sweat_smile:

Thanks, that cracked it.

The panel item is called “Status Tray Plugin”.

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