Sudden QEMU issue with USB when providing a MacOS guest

My libvirt/QEMU/kvm instance providing MacOS worked fine at least a few days ago. Today, when I try to start the instance, it’s stuck during boot while initializing some USB device (none forwarded)

Again, this worked just some days ago and I didn’t change a thing. I assume that some recent update changed the behavior, but where could I start to look for the culprit? How would I go and rollback updates if I found anything suspicious?



For the record: It was because of a bug in QEMU 8.0.3 that must have been installed recently.

Since “going back” and dependency management seems to be impossible for Arch/Manjaro and I really depend on this QEMU thing, I uninstalled Manjaro completely and went for a non-rolling distro (Xubuntu, in this case)

Thank you all.

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