Successfully build Edge Browser in RPI4 AUR repo but can't execute the binary file in /opt/microsoft/msedge

Using RPI 4, I’ve built and installed Microsoft Edge Browser from AUR repo AUR (en) - microsoft-edge-dev-bin. I’ve only modified arch=(‘aarch64’) in the build file and it completed the built but when I lauch the program, it says it can’t execute the binary file in /opt/microsoft/msedge

I don’t know why?

It is binary for amd64 platform, not aarch64.

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I did modify the build file to target aarch64 architecture and it did built through completely on RPI 4. it should built it for RPI 4

Yes, it should build, but you can’t run it because wrong architecture.

This line in the package build script shows it downloads the amd64 variant from Microsoft servers…


Not sure if there is an ARM64 variant at all…

that makes senses. thanks

To clarify this a bit.

While the package can be installed on an aarch64 based system, by adding aarch64 to the arch=() line, the PKGBUILD does not countain a build() step, which means that all the package is doing is actually repackaging a prebuilt binary.

In this case, the x86_64 version of Microsoft Edge. Makepkg does not care what architecture it’s for, it will happily package it up, no matter what. It’s just another file to it.

there aarch64 Edge version somewhere, have had install Win11 on Pi4 successfully.