Subtitle Composer cannot be installed due to sha256sums of patch files

Since a few months ago (version 0.7.1-4) it has been impossible to install Subtitle Composer from AUR.

It crashes at the moment of validating the source files with sha256sums.
tar.xz file passes
tar.xz.sig is skipped
But both .patch files fail
Then, installation is not possible.

You can then, by hand, edit the PKGBUILD, replace the two last sha256sums with SKIP and run /bin/bash -c “yay -S subtitlecomposer”

But what needs to be done is, in the AUR repository, actualize the sha256sums to


as seen in: PKGBUILDs/PKGBUILD at master · Martchus/PKGBUILDs · GitHub

They had the same problem in Arch, past October, but they arranged it: AUR (en) - subtitlecomposer

This is up to the maintainer to maintain. Please contact them.

I was able to install Subtitle Composer git with no issues.

Perhaps retry. I was also able to install Subtitle Composer without issue.

When you use no AUR helper like pamac or yay
but build the package using makepkg
you can (as far as I know)
use a tool named updpkgsums
to … update these checksums

Or you can edit the file yourself and put the current checksums in
or even disable the check.

fetch the PKGBUILD
edit it
build it

pamac can be used, too - after you edited the file
just use pamac build (nothing else - no name, no path)
in the same directory where the PKGBUILD is

Packages in the AUR are made and updated by their creator/maintainer, they are regular users like you and me.
That’s why there is no support provided for them here…
(AUR = Archlinux User Repository)

All AUR packages have their own comments section where you can interact with them.
From there i found:

So the best thing todo in cases like this is what @Nachlese said above and just edit the PKGBUILD file yourself.

I went ahead and flagged the package as out-of-date with a link to this thread…

The package is not out of date.

I do not know now what to think of this.
I was curious and … went ahead and built the software.

There was no problem whatsoever!

Looks like I could have spared me the time to write my previous post.

I used
yay -Syu subtitlecomposer

which triggered a full update and then built the software without any problem.

As @ydar did as well as I just saw.