Stuttering with differing refresh rate multi-monitor setup

Unfortunately, it would appear that an older forum post may have contained a fix for this, but it’s not available right now, so regardless…

After spending the last couple hours trying to get my primary monitor to 75Hz with varying success, I’m left to discover some noticeable stuttering when I try to move say a window around, unlike the otherwise (typically) smooth performance on the 60Hz monitor I also have connected.

I’ve messed around with the various settings (this is on an Nvidia card with the official drivers), but the only fix I could find was a less than ideal method of just disabling my other 60Hz monitor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. : )


Hi, please take a look here first.

You could try to enable Vsync and ForceFullCompostionPipeline in the nvidia-settings to see if it helps.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve already tried enabling Vsync, while ForceFullCompositionPipeline seemed to increase latency, and add a little smoothing, but there was still a distinctive stutter that was occurring.

I’ve linked the output of my inxi -Fxza, if that helps.

Please also provide the output of xrandr.
Have you tried to set the monitors to the same refresh rate?

You could also try the workaround mentioned here:

I have tried setting the monitors to the same refresh rate, it works nicely then, just at a lower refresh rate.

I believe I’ve tried the workaround before, I gave it another try now too, but it only seemed to make the smoothness on the higher refresh rate monitor somewhat better (still still to the same quality as when only one monitor is enabled, or both are set to the same refresh rate.)

Unfortunately, it would appear that there’s a bit of a trade off in that my other monitor is now replicating the same choppiness.