Stuck with virtualbox 7.10 while archlinux is at 7.12

Archlinux published VirtualBox 7.12 on 2023-10-17. I use the latest stable Manjaro version, and I’m stuck with Virtualbox 7.10.
I searched out a couple of Manjaro’s mirror and the latest VirtualBox is 7.10.
Why Manjaro is not synchronized with Archlinux with that kind of software ? It’s not a critical systemwide package for Manjaro.

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That’s exactly why. :grin:

Unlike Arch, Manjaro is a curated rolling-release distribution, which means that packages are tested more properly here before they percolate down into the Stable branch.

The only exception to that rule is when there are urgent security updates or bug fixes, and we do maintain a list of packages susceptible to that kind of urgency, which are then fast-tracked in and pushed to Stable.

However, virtualbox is not such a package, so it follows the normal route of being adopted into the Unstable branch first — which should only take about a week or so — and from there it will be more thoroughly tested in the Testing branch, and then ultimately it’ll end up in Stable.

The time span between the new version of any non-critical package appearing in Arch Stable and its arrival in Manjaro Stable is approximately six weeks, give and take a few days.

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