Stuck while booting

After booting my Manjaro system and entering the password of my encrypted disk, a message like this remains on the screen and I cannot continue: [ 112.007221] wlol: authenticate with 40:ae: 30:90:80:c5 (local address=60:dd:Be :78:df:89)

[ 112.007233] fbcon: Taking over console

[ 112.008356] wlo1: send auth to 40:ae:30:90:80:c5 (try 1/3)

[ 112.013211] Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 240x67

[ 112.041922] wlo1: authenticated

[ 112.043402] wlo1: associate with 40:ae:30:90:80:c5 (try 1/3)

[ 112.059924] wlo1: RX AssocResp from 40:ae:30:90:80:c5 (capab=0x11 status=0 aid=19)

[112.070375] wlo1: associated

Looks like booting works but the display/login manager can’t start.

Can you log in in a TTY (CTRL + ALT + F5)?

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Yes, sorry for writing late. And CTRL + ALT + F5 works i can login.
I did some research and thought it was a problem with lightdm and…
I tried “systemctl restart lightdm”, “sudo pacman -S lightdm” but it didn’t work

When did this start happening? I assume after updating?

Actually, I’m new to Manjaro. And since I installed Manjaro on my computer, I have not received any updates. He always said “there’s nothing to do here”