Stuck trying to build a manjaro box using vagrant with packer. I seem to have connection issues?

So I’m trying to build a manjaro box using vagrant packer.


which runs a manjaro live-system that’s ultimately run on my manjaro OS and when finished people can use this manjaro VM to build a manjaro OS that runs a docker container that runs an app on… Alpine Linux.

And I’m running into an issue with the manjaro live-system.
It seems to have enormous amounts of trouble having anything to do with downloading anything.
It gets stuck on basestrap, but I’ve tried pacman-mirrors as well and even seems to get the installation stuck.

Relevant files:
Build file
Main provisioner

My logs:
Build attempt
Build attempt with pacman-mirrors

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I got confused about memory use, thinknig it was the default amount of memory used for the created box rather then the amount of memory made available for the build.
So I tried decreasing it as much as possible thinking I didn’t want to burden other people’s computers running the VM.

I just had to increase the amount of memory to at least 1024, though I have already put it on 2048 just to be on the safe side.


memory    = 1024
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