Stuck out the booting screen

Hi , I am new to manjaro it’s been a couple of months it’s on my laptop as a second system I didn’t face any issues at the start but lately I get stuck a lot the booting screen I restart a couple of times and then it works , and in other times I put the system in sleep some times it work normal other times when I wake it up it’s just a black screen and I need to restart the system .
would appreciate any light on what my be the cause or any solution or how can I troubleshoot the issue to know the cause of the problem

If the booting stucks, can you switch to console ?

Just tried it out no nothing happens

I don’t if this is related but I just noticed when I shut the system I get these messages

watchdog0 : watchdog didn’t stop
Failed to unmount /oldroot
Failed to finalize file system ,ignoring

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