Stuck on vendor logo after installation

Hello, I’m new to Manjaro and wanted to try and use but after installation it doesn’t boot! I choose Manjaro through Grub and after that it stuck on Asus boot screen (black screen) but I can access console via Alt + F2 and after that I can use Manjaro without problem by pressing Alt + F1 which opens login screen. But everytime I need to do this. Is there a way to fix this problem?

Welcome to the forum!

I don’t know whether what you are describing is what I am thinking of, but situations like that often occur when the CPU doesn’t develop enough entropy of its own. The good news is that you can remedy this by installing haveged, which is a random number generator.

sudo pacman -Syu haveged
sudo systemctl enable --now haveged

Try that and see whether it makes it a difference. It won’t do any harm to have that installed anyway. :wink: