Stuck on the EFI boot screen

Hi, this upgrade breaks my system for me.

I have a Dell XPS 15 9520 with KDE version, video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime, xorg. When I restart after the upgrade the laptop gets stucked on the EFI boot screen, this is on 6.1.49. I tried with kernel 5.15.128 and it boots but when I move the mouse with the touchpad the screen gets weird graphic artifacts.

Because I use btrfs I rolled back to a snapshot before the upgrade and all works fine.
Any help? Thanks!

could be because of the nvidia drivers…
post output from:
inxi -zav7
mhwd-kernel -li && mhwd -l -li
pacman -Qm
ls /etc/modprobe.d
find /etc/X11/ -name "*.conf"

I run the upgrade again and this time all works fine. I installed kernel 6.5 just in case but kernel 6.1 also works. Maybe on previous update the system stayed on an inconsistent state, I don’t know but for now we can close.

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