Stuck on encryption screen (can't type anything)

I am looking for help
It is a fresh install. I have decrypted my disk successfuly once then after reboot it’s stuck on decryption screen. I can’t type in my decryption key.

Just to be sure you know that this is the case:
there is no feedback whatsoever when you type in your decryption key
no stars or other symbols are printed - and of course not the actual characters
are you sure you typed it in correctly and hit enter afterwards?

Yup i know. (As i said i have successfuly logged in once.) Now im trying with other keyboards. But still doesnt work. I have also tried typing it with and without caps.

The default keymap is english - but since you have successfully decrypted at least once this is unlikely to be an issue.

I could only recommend to boot from usb (installation medium)
and test whether you can open the encrypted container from there
and on this occasion maybe set a second passphrase.

Ok i have booted into my system by unpluging my ssd, booting from usb, connecting my keyboard, repluging disk and unpluging usb and finaly rebooting

And then i was able to ty again