Stuck on /dev/sdb2 clean on boot; how do I remove video drivers l?

Hello everyone. This is kind of a noob question and I’m not at all versed with fixing Linux builds. But I was following some instructions on Foss that suggested I enable extra video drivers, and lesson learned (I broke my system).

When I boot it goes to /dev/sdb2 clean, which it always does but now it remains at this command and does not boot.

I don’t want to loose my installation but I’m stuck at this command now. I guess I need to remove my the two video drivers I broke it by adding.

I figure this is probably simple for a lot of you guys, and was hoping for some pointers. Don’t mean to be a dummy or beat a dead horse, but I’m kinda stumped.

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Take a look here:

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Also Manjaro already ships with a handy utility for managing GPU drivers.

Thank you guys!

I just had to go into ctrl+alt+f2 and type mhwd -l

Then sudo mhwd -r (driver)

Then it booted up no problem.

…it was vesa wasnt it?

Also, to be safe, you may wish to install or force-reinstall the driver you actually want.

Yes it was video vesa!

I don’t know why I came across it, but on Foss (dot com) it instructs to download the unchecked video drivers in hardware manager as one the the things in “first things to do after installing Manjaro linux”. So lesson learned about listening to everything on Foss so quickly! Luckily it was an easy fix. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken I guess!

Thanks much

“Foss” (or rather FOSS) is an acronym for Free Open Source Software … I dont know what ‘Foss’ you keep quoting instructions from.

Generally speaking such guides are trash. Use the in-house documentation, or the arch wiki, or ask.

Indeed. :sweat_smile: :+1:

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