Stuck on boot /dev/sda2 clean

Maybe I messed up with grub file and not able to restore it as described here

Any solution?!

do you have any arch based distro iso?
you can reastore it

Unfortunately no

any linux iso image
BSD too

I have the manjaro iso but it is on the same laptop
Is there a way to use it?

the filesystem is which and if its ext4 windows will not recognize it you have to get a linux laptop/desktop and and remove the hdd/ssd from your laptop/desktop and connect it to an linux system and copy the imp data in it and reinstall manjaro because it it possible to reastore the grub but its a very conplicated process
hope it helps

Thank you for your help
I managed to fix the issue
As I know the line I edited in grub file and what it was before editing
I used split and cat commands to edit this line
It works now