Stuck on boot after downloading Nvidia driver

/dev/mapper/luks-7262977c-d0cc-4daa-a444-725f2fc63224: clean, 416922/30507008 fi
les, 25327181/122018184 blocks

My screen is stuck on this every time I try to turn on the computer. It started after I downloaded the bottom/last open source Nvidia driver in the settings menu. CTRL ALT F3 works but I have no command line knowledge. I’m wondering what command I need to use to delete/remove that Nvidia driver from within the command line. I only have all three open source Nvidia drivers installed, that last one seems to be giving issues.

Before that though I was installing wayland and upgrading to a new Linux kernel version but was still able to boot/login after changing those.

When I type in startx, it gives errors and says unable to connect to X server: No route to host

There is only one “opensource driver” of nvidia, it is called nouveau is part of the config video-linux. Anything else is the “proprietary driver” developed by nvidia.

For example:

mhwd -li
sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia

You run wayland and therefore startx for Xorg does not work.

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When I type in mhwd -li these show up:
Name Version Freedriver Type
Video-Linux 2018.05.04 true PCI
Video-vesa. 2017.03.12. True. PCI
Video-modesetting 2020.01.13 true PCI

Seeing them now, video-vesa seems to be the one I was referring to. Deleting it with
suso mhwd -r video-vesa brings up “invalid use of option -r/—remove”

My failure, I corrected it:

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