Stuck mid-boot after enabling rc.local.service

I just made the move from xubu to manj-xfce. All seemed to be going well, but now when I reboot the boot process stalls out mid-way.

The last thing showing is: Started MariaDB 10.9.4 database server. The boot process got far enough that calibre-server is up and running and accessible on local network. Unfortunately sshd is not up/available for login, and httpd is not up yet either.

The last thing I was working on before the last restart was to add a chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/rc.local script file to start calibre-web (front-end for calibre-server), and then I created a service file for rc.local in /etc/systemd/system/rc-local.service, and then I used systemctl to enable it, and then rebooted.

So I am guessing my problem lies with the rc.local/.service that I was trying to get to autostart calibre-web on restart.

How can I fix this? Thks.

Use live Manjaro USB and use manjaro-chroot -a command in a terminal to work on your system. When you’re done exit and reboot