Stuck in lockscreen

Hello everyone. I have an issue with my lockscreen. Look.

I can’t change where it says Other. I usually can click other and change it to my username. As long as it says other my username and password don’t work. How can I get in? I’ve got three kernels I can boot to and a Windows 10 and I have my Manjaro installer USB. I can also reach the TTYs but I’m not able to log in there either for some reason. My user password and the root password aren’t working for some reason.

Maybe provide info on how you got to this point, eg. why your user account (username) disappeared…

I’m not sure, but I did get a new lcd panel thats looking very pixellated and odd. Anyway I got through the lock screen by reinstalling and keeping everything except the swap. Now I’m having trouble updating and I’m just about to wipe the system partition before the reinstall this time

:arrow_up: In combination with the photo you posted indicates that you somehow removed your user account, which has nothing todo with your new monitor…
Can you login as root with the root password via TTY?
If that works then that is proof of what i guess above has happened.

No I couldn’t login on the TTY either. Now I have reinstalled keeping my system and home partitions and now I’m booted back into my system I remade my user and password and now I’m running time sheet to see if that will fix it

If you were unable to login as root on the TTY you have more trouble as i thought.
I would suggest you to re-install while only keeping your /home partition…
(Make sure the partition of your system, the / partition, will be formatted instead of installing into an existing system)

Here’s what I mean about my display being strange

First fix your problem in Topic title, then you can get help on that issue in another topic :wink:

I had already reinstalled…twice actually. now it looks good. What you said is what I did, so thank you so much!!

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