Stuck in a loop at "choose a provider for xxd"


When doing a pamac update, either from the command line or GUI, I get

Checking python2-service-identity dependencies...
Checking python2-ply dependencies...
Checking python2-pyasn1-modules dependencies...
Checking python2-pyasn1 dependencies...
Choose a provider for cargo:
1:  rust    1:1.78.0-1  extra
2:  rustup  1.27.1-1    extra

Enter a number (default=1):

I pick the default option. Then I get

Choose a provider for xxd:
1:  gvim     9.1.0380-1  extra
2:  tinyxxd  1.3.2-1     extra
3:  vim      9.1.0380-1  extra

Enter a number (default=1):

Here, no matter which option I choose, the question keeps repeating, with no further messages. There seems to be no way to get out of this loop other than a hard kill.

What might cause this? What might fix it?

Any ideas much appreciated, thanks.

python2 ?
Is AUR involved here?
Looks like it.

Are any of those editors actually installed?

If not, install one. Problem solved?

Otherwise, please update using pacman instead, and see if that makes a difference:

sudo pacman -Syu


I thought that too; it’s unclear though. It seems like cargo was being updated, though the rest of the output has been omitted.

Hmm, yes. It’s a long-running system, with a bunch of rarely used programs, most or all from AUR, that require(d?) python2. Removed them and python2. No more provider question loop now.

Nope. Good to know that installing one of the list might help if I ever encounter this kind of situation again.

(Wouldn’t be bad if pamac would hint at that rather than get stuck in a loop?)

Many thanks, folks!

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