Stuck during boot - help needed to chroot into encrypted system

I have a laptop, which connects via WLAN to my home network.
During boot of the laptop, the same error message is displayed, but the computer boots fine.


The actual problem is: what do I enter instead of cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 ssd and cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda3 swap, having different device names. Or am I totally going the wrong direction?

I would like to chroot into the actual system to get some logs as I have no idea as to what is causing the message and if this usually stops the system from running.

Maybe I should have split this in two posts (one for chrooting, one for the message).

the pkgfile is not the reason why you cant boot, as mentioned above…
you however didnt say if booting was working previously, did you installed/uninstalled/updated prior?

which of these partitions is where you have manjaro installed?

Thanks for the hint concerning the pkgfile.

Yes, booting was fine so far. The machine has been fine for about 1,5 years, when I did the initial install on it and has been supplied with updates regularly.

and this:

I would go for nvme0n1p2 being Manjaro and nvme0n1p3 Swap:

nvme0n1     259:0    0 465,8G  0 disk 
├─nvme0n1p1 259:1    0   300M  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p2 259:2    0 456,7G  0 part 
└─nvme0n1p3 259:3    0   8,8G  0 part


sudo cryptsetup -v luksOpen /dev/nvme0n1p2 cryptDrive
sudo mount /dev/mapper/cryptDrive /mnt
sudo manjaro-chroot /mnt

rerun update:
pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5 && pacman -Syyu
any errors?

No errors while performing the above commands, the pkgfile error is now gone / not visible anymore, but:

the boot process is stuck after “Slot 0 opened”, showing /dev/mapper.../...: clean, xxx/xxxxxxx files, xxxxxx/xxxxxxx blocks

can you enter into tty in the stuck screen: ctrl+alt+f2 or f1-f6 keys, enter your name/password and type:
and post a picture of it

Unfortunately no tty possible, tried several F-keys.

so chroot again and provide output from:
mhwd-kernel -li && mhwd -l -li

There we go:

Currently running: 5.15.60-1-MANJARO (linux515)
The following kernels are installed in your system:
   * linux510
> Installed PCI configs:
                  NAME               VERSION          FREEDRIVER           TYPE
           video-linux            2018.05.04                true            PCI

Warning: No installed USB configs!
> 0000:02:00.0 (0200:10ec:8168) Network controller Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.:
                  NAME               VERSION          FREEDRIVER           TYPE
         network-r8168            2016.04.20                true            PCI

> 0000:05:00.0 (0300:1002:1636) Display controller ATI Technologies Inc:
                  NAME               VERSION          FREEDRIVER           TYPE
           video-linux            2018.05.04                true            PCI
     video-modesetting            2020.01.13                true            PCI
            video-vesa            2017.03.12                true            PCI

there were recent issues with ryzen cpu and 5.10 kernel, so install the 5.15 kernel:
pacman -S linux515
dont reboot yet… do you have a grub menu shown during boot?

Oh, I actually thought I had installed 5.15 on that machine. Anyway, done now, not yet rebooted.

That machine has the grub menu not showing: is that pressing Esc to do so while booting? When would be the right point to do it on an encrypted machine?

just do this:
open this:
nano /etc/default/grub
and edit this line to look like this:
GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu - its the third from top;
save it with: ctrl+x;
update grub:
exit chroot:
reboot, and now the grub menu will appear, and in the advanced options select the 5.15 kernel, not the fallback one, and see if it helped

YES! That did it. I wasn’t aware of that kernel issue. Thanks a lot for your time!

[edit: pkgfile was not the issue]

This was never addressed. Please edit your topic title to reflect the actual problem. Otherwise, this post will only confuse others searching in the future. I’ve hidden the post for now.

Hi there! I wasn’t sure about the best way to edit the title after the solution had been completely off from the original “issue”. I had edited the tags already to include more of the involved topics. Is this ok now?

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Indeed. Thank you for doing that. The post is now unhidden.