Stuck "Disabling IRQ #7" on boot when external monitor is used

I am on a Thinkpad e495 with Ryzen 5 with a fully updated BIOS on the latest stable version of Manjaro XFCE with no changes to Grub, Drivers or the Kernel beyond what came preinstalled with the standard Manjaro release.

If I boot with a HDMI cable plugged in for a second monitor it says Disabling IRQ #7. Somtimes I also get the error that Light Display Manager Failed to Start . These hang indefinitely and do not allow me to start Manjaro.

I tried updating my BIOS, using noapic as a kernel parameter on boot (which I later reversed after it didn’t work), updating packages, and nothing seems to work.

If I unplug the HDMI cable, turn the power off, and reboot without it in, it usually boots but sometimes the same IRQ error comes up. It seems random whether it decides to boot or not, but I have a much better change of booting without the HDMI cable plugged in.

Thank you