Stuck at Manjaro boot screen

I’m not sure what caused it but I was playing with GPU drivers earlier to the issue which may have caused the issue. After a while I then rebooted and booted to Windows (i have a dual boot) and when I tried to switch back, Manjaro is stuck on the boot screen (the 3 dot animation moves for the first minute then stops).

I tried following the steps at (can’t include links, stupid but it was a post detailing someone with a similar issue and asking to edit the boot flags) and by removing splash quiet and adding 3 it booted to the terminal without issues.

I then try rebooting without splash and quiet. The terminal shows its loading components and then it goes to a back screen with a very fast blinking cursor.

Any advice? I’d rather not have to reinstall Manjaro and restore all my configurations. Thank you.

I managed to fix it. I think I accidentally uninstalled nvidia-utils so I completely removed my graphics drivers and installed them again:)

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