Stuck at /dev/sda2 clean / Kernel / Boot / Stuck

Hi guys im trying to boot my kernel version that ive compiled following these instructions Kernel/Traditional_compilation from wiki arch and when i boot ive always get stuck in /dev/sda2 clean(just it nothing more) the whole time someone can help me pls

Hi and welcome to the forum :partying_face:

disclaimer I’ve never built a kernel on Manjaro and I probably never need to.

There is a [how to] specifically for Manjaro linked below that might provide some subtle differences and insight:

You are probably missing GPU drivers.

Thankyou for your reply

yeah ive read this guide before build(isnt the problem) and i think that the problem is the version of kernel that i installed from kernel dot org i tried 6.0 , 5.19.14 and now im trying the version that the manjaro actually uses 5.15 the problem is only the method that takes so long time to compile and build sheesh

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Why do you compile your own kernel?

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Just guessing here but does the build and boot work if you use the config in step 3?
eg running kernel config of your machine that evidently works.

im currently learning how to develop device drivers so im learning the kernel system too the main purpose is to provide hardware and software supports

should work but apparently isnt because of kernel version i guess