Stuck at boot (again if you look at my profile)

So just to get it out if the way, I’m running the latest Manjaro with GNOME, and frankly I’m baffled at why this ■■■■ even happened.

So basically all I was doing was installing a specific version of proton-ge (version 25) because I saw from protondb that it specifically allows a game I was try to play to run withojt issue unlike in other releases. I dragged the folder into my folder, all I do is click out, and suddenly I’m frozen. I shut down and suddenly I’m greeted by a sery similar to the last time boot logo, except this time we have a nice little Manjaro logo thing with a progress bar, that eventually stops doing the animation and just stays blank. I tried following some of the steps from last time this happened to me but they didn’t work. Any and all help is appreciated, so thank you.

no backup, no mercy

you should have learned that using aur-packages can malfunction. why are you surprised ? learn the lesson.

boot problem? try GRUB/Restore the GRUB Bootloader - Manjaro

backup for what?Look seriously.

Hi @Raging,

How did you get it fixed last time? (I’m assuming there was a last time and you got it fixed.)

I think you’d need to boot into a live environment, chroot into your installed environment, perform an upgrade, remove that proton-ge that you installed, reinstall grub, and reboot.

After that, you can take proper backups, and try again.

No, he wrote that he could boot until displaying Manjaro logo. The serious issue is the Linux kernel + Nvidia driver, I think.

It wasn’t an air package, it was a normal download of a tarball file from github

Good point. Out of my knowledge :sweat_smile:

I did try the grub reinstall tho, still nothing, appreciate the help tho man

so remove the file and see if it helped