Stuck at Add printer in CUPS Web admin and install driver

I want to use my Canon i-Sensys MF643Cdw printer.
I installed cups and its service was started. When I tried the CUPS Web interface and add the printer i stuck there.
My printer doesn’t listed in the model listbox.
What should I do to add properly my printer?

I downloaded a driver from Canon: linux-UFRII-drv-v530-uken-12.tar.gz
How should I install this?

Thanks in advance.

Check for a driver in the AUR. The 5.x drivers are for 64-bit environments.

How can I do the check? My system is Manjaro Cinnamon with latest updates.

Will that solve the problem with model name in CUPS Web interface?

First install the correct driver from AUR, then add your printer and you should be good to go. I’d probably try the 5.x series which is 64-bit. Use Pamac (Add/Remove Software) and enable searching and installing from AUR, then do your search. I searched for Canon i-Sensys, but I don’t own a Canon printer so that’s as much as I can help.

I did the search as you advised, here is the result:

pamac search canon i-SENSYS
cnrdrvcups-lb-bin                                                                                                      5.20-1   AUR 
    CUPS Canon UFR II LIPSLX CARPS2 printer driver for LBP iR MF ImageCLASS ImageRUNNER Laser Shot i-SENSYS
    ImagePRESS ADVANCE printers and copiers
cnrdrvcups-lb                                                                                                          5.30-1   AUR 
    CUPS Canon UFR II LIPSLX CARPS2 printer driver for LBP iR MF ImageCLASS ImageRUNNER Laser Shot i-SENSYS
    ImagePRESS ADVANCE printers and copiers
cndrvcups-lb-bin                                                                                                       3.70-1   AUR 
    CUPS Canon UFR II LT LIPSLX driver for imageCLASS D Laser Shot LBP i-SENSYS MF imagePRESS iPR imageRUNNER iR
    ADVANCE iR-ADV FAX color copiers and printers, does not require PCL/PXL or PS dealer LMS license
cndrvcups-lb                                                                                                           3.70-1   AUR 
    CUPS Canon UFR II LIPSLX CARPS2 printer driver for LBP iR MF ImageCLASS ImageRUNNER Laser Shot i-SENSYS
    ImagePRESS ADVANCE printers and copiers
canon-cque                                                                                                             4.0.7-1  AUR 
    CUPS printer driver for Canon imagePRESS imageRUNNER ADVANCE PRO C iR i-SENSYS FAX LBP MF Laser Shot PC-D copier
    printers, may require PCL/PXL or PS dealer LMS license

Which one would better fit to the MF643Cdw model in your opinion?
I mean which is the better the cnrdrvcups-lb-bin or the cnrdrvcups-lb?

I don’t know for sure since I don’t have a Canon printer, but assuming your computer is using a 64-bit Manjaro, I’d use one of the v.5. Maybe someone who uses Canon can help you further. I think it’s easier to use the GUI for Pamac (Add/Remove Software on your program menu).

The second in your list is the newer one
but the first in the list appears to use the same driver file
Both use the same as the one you downloaded.
I’d try the second, then the first.
Perhaps read the comments on both packages.

AUR (en) - Search Criteria: i-SENSYS

In that listing from that URL above, the two drivers are at the bottom of the list.

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So, I installed this driver: cnrdrvcups-lb 5.30-1 AUR
Also I finished the administration on CUPS Web interface. I have got brand new optional printers two or three were MF643 model.

Now I try to check the printing. I read this page: Printing
Unfortunately there is no exact description about how to print a document.
I would use some help again.

It seems to me the printing works.
I need to execute this:

lpstat -p -d
printer Canon_MF642C_643C_644C_UFR_II is idle.  enabled since Sun 21 Mar 2021 12:27:11 PM CET
no system default destination

lpoptions -d Canon_MF642C_643C_644C_UFR_II
copies=1 device-uri=socket:// finishings=3 job-cancel-after=10800 job-hold-until=no-hold job-priority=50 job-sheets=none,none marker-change-time=0 number-up=1 printer-commands=none printer-info='Canon MF642C/643C/644C UFR II' printer-is-accepting-jobs=true printer-is-shared=false printer-is-temporary=false printer-location printer-make-and-model='Canon MF642C/643C/644C UFR II' printer-state=3 printer-state-change-time=1616326031 printer-state-reasons=none printer-type=2102492 printer-uri-supported=ipp://localhost/printers/Canon_MF642C_643C_644C_UFR_II

And finally:

lp winecfg_errors.txt
request id is Canon_MF642C_643C_644C_UFR_II-1 (1 file(s))

So thanks for the help.

When configuring the printer with either tool
(the Cups web interface or the other graphical printer setup tool)
there is always an option to print a test page.
You can also set a printer as default, should you have more than one.

To print a document you either open it and then choose print from the menu or you use CTRL + p
or you select the document by right click in the filemanager and choose print from the context menu (if that oprion is available)

The dialog that opens allows you to choose the printer to use.

… and then there is the command line, as you already found :wink:

Thanks for the information.
I would give the solution mark for you Nachlese and for jcorporon.
It is a pity, I can choose only one person.

Not a problem.
I don’t care about that.
Glad if I could help.

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I agree, not a problem either way!

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