Stuck at 60 fps on a 300 hz screen - Laptop

Hi everyone,

Just installed Manjaro KDE on my Aorus G15 laptop and I’m pretty happy with the out-of-the-box experience so far. Coming from Arch, the configuration was really easy and relaxing.

Nonetheless, I’ve noticed that my desktop and my apps doesn’t seemed to run at 300 fps on my 300 hz screen. I double checked with testufo and with the fps counter on the desktop, everything is running at 60 fps.
I got an Nvidia 3070 dGPU and an Intel iGPU.

So far, I tried :

  • Setting the display to 300 hz in the system settings
  • A new xrandr mode with 300 hz only
  • Reset my X conf
  • Use only the Nvidia dGPU
  • Use only the Intel iGPU
  • Messing up with the X conf following diverse sources
  • Reset to default Prime installation

When running glxgears -info it runs on the intel iGPU with the framerate capped at 60 (command log).
When running DRI_PRIME=1 glxgears -info it still runs on the intel iGPU but the framerate is uncapped (command log).
When running prime-run glxgears -info it runs on the nvidia dGPU with the framerate capped at 60 (command log).
When running __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=0 prime-run glxgears -info it runs on the nvidia dGPU but the framerate is uncapped (command log).

Here you can see my xrandr, my xorg log and dmesg.

If someone got the same issue or has an idea to fix this, let me know ! Also, feel free to ask for more informations or logs.


So, i asume is about this one
But then, from that description

Only the RTX-20-Series have the 300 hz screen IPS panel

Please mention what exactly have you done and what files you edited and how you modified them.

Thanks for your response.

After double checking, my screen is indeed a 240 Hz according to the technical documentation.
However, Linux and windows recognize the screen as 300 hz, which is strange. Maybe it comes from there ?
What’s strange about it is that there is a Modeline in the xorg.log that indicate a 300hz refresh rate (at line 153 in the log), maybe they kept the EDID of the old generation display for this generation too ?

All the test that were done were obviously made with the assumption that the screen had a refresh rate of 300hz, so this may have affected the test. Anyway here is what I tested:

First I thought the problem was caused by prime, so I tried to setup the X server to run only on the intel chipset and have plasma run at 300fps. To do so I followed the configuration for the Modesetting driver and for the xf86-video-intel driver.
Neither of them changed anything, thinking the problem may be the screen I created a Modeline option in the Monitor section of the laptop monitor and set it to a 1920x1080 300hz screen, I also added an option to set this Modeline as the “PreferredMode” on the same Monitor section. It changed nothing

Now knowing that my screen is a 240hz, I just tried to add a mode to 240 hz with this xorg.conf. Still stuck at 60 fps, here is the xorg.log.