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Covenant is a legal?

Covenant is an agreement. Each forum has rules, each participants need a safe environment. People that don’t agree will not last long here.
And yes, is legal to have agreements among people, written or verbal.


I think the problem is the word itself.

Why not just type agreement instead of covenant.

I’ve never heard that word during my 15 years long English education received at schools.

See the list of the adopters of it. I’m sure someone from that list has 16 years long of English education. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
The updated v2 uses the same word.

I’ve personally heard convenant used many times while in school in the US.


Lucky you, it sounds like a character from Quake III Arena. :smiley:

Same with me and I worked at an English only (British-Japanese) workplace for a decade than lived in Canada too :smiley: Well, we are not fluent :wink:

The term may be a bit … antiquated?
(also somewhat misconstrued in modern times … often associated with witchcraft or something folk-lory)

But it is correct and encompassing.

“Legal” on the other hand is quite specific.

Sure. “Agreement” is fine too.
But … I like “covenant”.
A bit like ‘pact’ … and while leaning towards it … does not feel quite as formal as that.


The word is used many times in the Bible.

Yeah, covenant is used frequently and it is not completely archaic, though it does appear to be less common than it once was (google link). It’s typically used as an agreement that is binding, sometimes but not always legally binding. Many biblical references, “covenants and restrictions” in planned housing communities/HOAs, etc. I don’t have an opinion on which word is best in this case because I’m not familiar with the intent of the language. I think that using a less common word that means what you want can be useful if it gets people’s attention–in this case perhaps they’ll pay attention to what they’re agreeing to.


Well put.

Interesting to note … since you posted the nwords graph…

(sample note - I did rough maths, and only used the lowercase examples, from 2019)

“covenant” is used 1/5 as frequently as terms like “contract” or “agreement”.
And a little more than 50% as used as “obligation”.
“covenant” is also used 5 times as often as “pact”.

Huh. Dont know what I expected. But thats sort of interesting.

(Kepler would be proud. We got 5’s on it! Haha)

No, Covenant is an electronic band formed in 1986 in Helsingborg, Sweden.


Ban with not agree bad for forum like GID… :exploding_head:

So strict rules are legal so enforce we agree?

Forum not religion…

More like. :grin:

That is why you have to read the forum rules and yes, if you don’t agree, there is nothing left to discuss.

And this topic will be now closed because leads to nowhere. :slight_smile: