Streaming movie from iphone to manjaro

Is it possible to stream a movie from iphone to manjaro?

Anything is possible.

Whether it has been done is another matter. How easily yet another.

Look here:

I can’t find information anywhere if this method will allow me to stream a movie from my phone to my computer, which is what I care about the most,

What do you expect by saying “streaming”? Having file access over network and open the movie on Manjaro? DLNA, which commonly used to stream videos to smart TVs for example, will work: Manjaro → Iphone, but not Iphone → Manjaro (Iphone would need a DLNA-Server, but no idea if such a thing exists in Apples World)

I was wondering if if I turn on a movie on my phone, will I be able to stream it to my computer monitor

Well, you have to look what your iPhone is capable of. Media Players on Linux supports a variety of network protocols, including DLNA, but the Data must be sent from the iPhone, therefore it is clearly a Problem of the iPhone and not of Manjaro here. :man_shrugging:

I didn’t say it was Manjaro’s problem. I just asked if it could be shipped. Can’t end the story.

It seems you’ll have to look at this, or something like it:


And according to this:

Recently VLC Version 2.0 was released. This Release features a fully functional UPNP / DLNA Player that works without bugs. I’m using it on Ubuntu and Archlinux and it works just fine with my minidlna player.

To use VLC start the Playlist (View → Playlist; Ctrl + L) and then select Local Network → Universal Plug 'n' Play. However, be advised that VLCs implementation first downloads all the library information before you can select anything. Depending on the size of the library that actually might take several minutes and longer.

My colleague @Mirdarthos showed me the programs for cloning the image in the iPhone, now how to set the system so that I can receive the transmitted image. Need to create a media server using the HOME MEDIA SERVER program?

I didn’t show you. Not really. I merely pointed resources out to you, which you could have gotten yourself as well.

I actually did tell you what I could find:

Yes this is possible. And easy.

You need to download and install the multi media server Uxplay. It broadcasts a mac address that apple devices can see. With Uxplay running in Manjaro, click in the screen mirroring icon on your late model iphone/ipad it will detect Uxplay. Press on that and boom the display is now on your Manjaro screen. Click on whatever app you wish. Enjoy.


I am a beginner linux user. Would you be so kind and write step by step how to do it?

I was able to install the program to run the server. I have sound but no picture.

I was able to install the program to run the server. I have sound but no picture.

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First, it should be a late model iphone/ipad. If not, skip it.

You are half way there though. With Uxplay running, it is waiting for you to start screen broadcasting with your iphone. Look on you phone for the screen mirroring icon from the swipe down menu. Touch that. It will look for Uxplay’s signal. When you see Uxplay show up on your phone, touch that. Your monitor should change on your computer. That’s it. No config needed.

I followed all the steps you described in the post. The TV has the sound of a movie being played but no picture.

What version of iOS are you running? It should be 15.x.

Is it one of the TV apps? That may be the problem. I remember I had trouble with Paramount’s app. Try a Youtube video for example.

I have iOS 16.x version. I opened a video from youtube.

In that case I am stumped. One of the requirements is a fast wifi connection. The wifi may not be fast enough to handle video and audio both.

You cannot stream anything that has DRM or digital rights management. Stuff from AppleTV and the like, but everything else should work.