Strange UI behaviour

Currently i am using manjaro in virtualbox.
I have 3 monitors in use by the vm.
This works very well. But unfortunately there is some strange behaviour.

First: I created a *.c file on my desktop. It currently remains on the left screen. However, i wanted to move it to the my middle screen by mouse.
But when i did that, i ended up getting a new symbol for that file instead of a file. Manjaro called it a “Miniprogram” when i removed it.
//Website told me i can’t embed images by now.

Maybe is this because i use virtual box with multiple screens?
A enabled drag and drop and shared clipboard for the vm so i think this shouldn’t be a problem?

Also, my second problem:
In the task bar there are my programs. But when i click, for example on the dolphin file manager, he won’t open up just like that.
Instead there will appear another dolphin symbol, which actually is the started program.

This happens with every program, i start, given that it is pinned to the task bar.
//Website told me i can’t embed images by now.

I would appreciate your feedback/help.

Still figuring out, how to use manjaro effectively.

Thanks in advance!


Depending on whether you use X11 or Wayland - the functionality may differ - drag’n’drop between host and guest using VirtualBox is - kind of - flaky at best.

If you want to share files between host and guest - instead of drag’n’drop I encourage you to use shared folders - the following links directly to the shared folder section


I cannot help you with that — I don’t have any icons on my desktop, I only have one monitor, and I’m running Manjaro on the bare metal, not inside VirtualBox. :man_shrugging:

What you need to understand when it comes to the Plasma panel is that it is a panel, not a taskbar. In fact, the taskbar is a widget that sits on the panel. In the default icons-only task manager, one can pin an application to the task manager, but apart from the taskbar, the panel itself can also hold launcher icons.

When you click a launcher icon that is not actually a pinned application, then you will see the icon for the application appear in the taskbar, but the launcher icon will still remain in place where it originally was, because it is only a launcher icon, not an application that was pinned to the taskbar.

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Thanks for the information!

Actually i don’t try to drag n drop from my host to manjaro.
I wanted to drag the .c file from the left screen to the middle screen. But this seems not to work properly.
Or at least, instead of moving the file manjaro creates another icon which is called a miniprogram.

This seems somehow wrong to me.

Then it is not clear what you mean.

I know it should - at least theoretically - be possible to configure VirtualBox for the scenario - I even recall trying once - but I prefer to run Manjaro as my base system - topping off with VM’s for various purposes.

If moving files on the guest screen - from monitor to monitor is not working as expected - it is a VirtualBox issue - I suggest you search the VirtualBox documentation - perhaps ask in their forum.

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When using 3 VM screens, they are not connected to each other!

Even if you place it nearby on the host, the mouse might not move directly from one monitor to another, but might move from VM-Monitor1 to the host and then back to VM-Monitor2.
In this way, some information can be lost during transport. This could be why D&D is somewhat limited.


Thank you for the detailed explanation!
So maybe i pinned a launcher instead of the actual program to it :thinking:
Will try that one out.

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I will do that, thank you.