Strange storage behavior in the /home partition

A couple of days ago, I noticed that when I logged into my file manager and moved between folders, my free space was decreasing, in addition to this, the free space that was left was very little to the one I had originally assigned to it. I attach some screenshots.

This ss was taken a minutes before

I run the command df -h and I saw this

It’s nothing weird. When you use computer, programs creates cache and other files in your home.

From the information provided, your home partition on /dev/sda8 is full.
A tool I LOVE to chase disk space issues is QDirStat (from the AUR), try this tool, analyze your Home folder, sort by the column Subtree Percentage, and see what folders take the most disk space to maybe find where something is taking all the space.


Thanks to omano advice I have found that timeshift was making automatically backups and of course all my free space was there.

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Yeah I just replied in another thread about that, I don’t recommend the auto snapshots in TimeShift, I suggest you disable all auto snapshots, and just do one when you feel like it.
I do one before a big update (sometimes, not all the time) but make sure to not do one every year that is too much time :stuck_out_tongue: but one every month, and keeping only a few snapshots from three months back at max, it is not really good to have one year old snapshots as often you can’t restore a snapshot that old and apply the current updates, because often rolling release need you to update regularly to not have manual intervention to do everywhere to be able to update.

PS: Use TimeShift GUI to manage your snapshots, delete the old ones, create new one.

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